Wapi on foot

700 km of walks


Get some fresh air into your lungs and follow the route! Over 60 signposted walks and hikes constitute an invitation to discover the picardy Wallonia on foot, and take you through nature parks and delightful little villages.

Walk through forests, up and down enchanted hills and on greenways, or along the banks of the Scheldt River – artistic or bucolic wanders, at the water’s edge, with audio guides, special family routes and interpretative routes. Download the route which especially appeals to you!

You can also go on walks through nature parks accompanied by nature guides; these are ideal for finding out more about the plants and animals around you.

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350km of walking marker points

A network of walking marker points knits the Pays des Collines region together. The network covers the Mont-de-L’Enclus, Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing, Ellezelles, Flobecq, Northern Celles and Northern Ath municipalities. Overall, you can explore over 350km of routes, with endless choices of walks. Discover the marker points network, see the suggested marker point walks and grab a copy of the map.

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While waiting for the route planner to be launched, which will help you plan your journey following the marker points (“points-nœuds”), refer to the dynamic map under “Explore”


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You’ll fall in love with our interpretive and artistic tours; stroll along the paths in our two Nature Parks or explore the lanes of our heritage towns... In total, more than 60 signposted routes await you, for hours of hiking in a couple, as a family, or with friends...

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Choose from our suggested marker point walks

In the Pays des Collines, you can plan your trip by following the marker points, or take one of our suggested walks. The routes are selected to allow you to discover the most beautiful corners of Pays des Collines, by passing through country paths and little rural tracks. Spot the ‘marker points’ sign on the walking maps and away you go...

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Walk along the banks of the Scheldt river, in the heart of the nature park


Experience some strange encounters in Pays des Collines


Enjoy a whole range of convivial places


Take part in the world’s biggest treasure hunt with geocaching in Wapi!

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Get inspired by our trip ideas which combine walking and discovery...

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