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Picardy Wallonia

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Picardy Wallonia’s network of cycling marker points was inaugurated in 2015. Nominated for the prize “Best Cycling Route 2016”, Picardy Wallonia is now the new cycling destination in Belgium. In total, 1,600km of marked routes are connected to the Flemish and French networks. It’s up to you to test them! Enjoy your ride in Wapi...

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between Lille & Brussels

Picardy Wallonia is a vast and inviting green plain containing 330,000 inhabitants and located at the edge of Lille, Brussels, Mons and Courtrai. It comprises 23 municipalities, 2 natural parks (Pays des Collines and Plaines de l'Escaut) and 3 heritage and commercial towns (Tournai, Ath and Mouscron). It offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide range of outdoor entertainment, miles of walks in a protected natural environment and many festive and sociable events.