Top 10 autumn-winter events for 2020


Top 10 autumn-winter events for 2020

Whatever the season, Picardy Wallonia brings together tourists and locals during its major events. It’s here that you’ll find the major events that set Wapi’s rhythm of life...


Slow Food Week – Silly , 20-27/09/2020

In recent years, a special Slow Food week has been held in Silly to counter the fast-food culture and focus on local products through a range of activities. An initiative to make the mouth water!

Plant Festival – Celles, 19-20/09/2020

The Feuillerie opens its doors to the finest Belgian and foreign nursery growers. Trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, cacti, fruit trees, bulbs, alpine plants... lovers of flora can always find what they want, and much more besides!

Fête des Hurlus – Mouscron, 2-4/10/2020

Every first weekend of October, the streets of Mouscron come to life, following in the footsteps of the Hurlus. One-time Protestant rebels, during the wars of religion of the sixteenth century, these iconic characters have now been celebrated every year for over 30 years.


The Apple Festival – Brunehaut

At harvest time, it’s the Rongy Apple Festival A convivial gathering, with family or friends, around a local apple juice and many other related products.

L’art dans la ville (Art in the city)– Tournai, 3-25/10/2020

For almost a month, Tournai is transformed into a city of art. The Five-Steepled City becomes a museum of numerous works of art, all taking different forms. Keep your eyes open!

Next festival – Eurométropole, november/december 2020

As they do every year, artists, dancers and comedians criss cross the Eurométropole and Valenciennes to meet their audience. This international festival aims to vary its genres, and the result is always surprising!

Stitched Panorama

Christmas Markets - Picardy Wallonia, december 2020

The month of December heralds the season of the Christmas markets throughout Picardy Wallonia (in Tournai, Beloeil, Mouscron, and elsewhere). Among them, one of the most original is the Harchies market (in Bernissart), where visitors are immersed in a Gypsy-themed atmosphere, surrounded by caravans, entertainers and firewood. A convivial and magical atmosphere that will mesmerise you during these end of the year holidays ...

Ramdam Festival – Tournai, 18-28/01/2020

The Ramdam Festival, a film festival to shock, brings together more than 20,000 festival-goers every year who challenge, stir, question, whip up debates and shock. Fiction, documentaries, short films... There’s something for every taste.


Les Antoniades – Flobecq, 17-21/01/2020

This traditional festival celebrating Saint-Antoine, with its origins in the nineteenth century, has, over time, become a must-see event in the folklore of the Pays des Collines. Here, street theatre artists mingle with a huge crowd of spectators. A New Year's Day that’s more than festive!

Carnaval de Tournai – Tournai, 20-22/03/2020

For several days, a shower of confetti covers the Five-Steepled City. The brotherhoods parade, balloons are launched, pichous (little bread men) fall from the top of the belfry, fireworks bursts into the sky... There’s plenty of fun to be had in Tournai!