The Scheldt Plains Nature Park

Welcome to the plains that border the Scheldt!

They include the six municipalities of Antoing, Beloeil, Bernissart, Brunehaut, Péruwelz and Rumes. The area is rich with agricultural, horticultural, and water features, as well as swathes of woodland. This well-conserved natural environment is crisscrossed by some 500km of marked trails. Nurseries, bird watching, typical rural architecture and walks along the Scheldt all add to the interest for the walker!

L’Escale forestière - Bon-Secours

The Scheldt Plains National Park is a landscape rich in pollarded willows, wetlands and forest. It’s an area crisscrossed by nearly 500km of marked trails that can be followed on foot, bicycle, horseback or motorcycle. A region where water, forests, agriculture and horticulture are melded together with the natural landscape. You can find all the details you need about the region at L’Escale Forestière - Bon -Secours. L'Escale Forestière and the Promenoir des Cimes (The Cimes Walkway) offer you an experience of the forest environment and an ascent to the top of the tall beeches via a walkway set 16m above ground.

Routes for walking, cycling, mountain biking and horse riding

There are plenty of options to choose from, and many are ideal for these kinds of activities:

  • The Landscapes Trail: a 120km tourist route punctuated with some 30 information boards that give you an overview of all the landscapes making up the national park. You can pick up a map at L'Escale Forestière - Bon-Secours.
  • The national Forest of Bonsecours: from L'Escale Forestière - Bon-Secours. Set off on the trail of the Château de l’Hermitage.
  • The Forest of Stambruges: discover the Mer de Sable (the Sea of S​and) and a local legend on the trail of the boiling fountain.
  • The marshes of Harchies: a major bird watching site in Wallonia.
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Guided tours and beer!

The guides who work on the Scheldt Plains are not only nature and bird lovers, they are also experts on all aspects of the area’s heritage, from the Bernissart Iguanodons (dinosaur skeletons discovered in the 19th century) to theChâteau de Beloeil. Ask for information on guided and themed walks, and guided tours, at L’Escale Forestière - Bon-Secours, or at reception at the site you want to visit.

And last, but not least, a walk in the Scheldt Plains works up a thirst! Breweries are plentiful in the national park and are guaranteed to provide an interesting, and thirst-quenching, stop on your journey. A few to be sampled: Brasserie des Carrières’sDiôle, Brasserie de Brunehaut’s Brunehaut,Authentique Brasserie’s l’Authentique, andBrasserie Caulier’s Bon Secours.