Following the Roman road

Follow in the footsteps of the Gallo-Romans

Experience ancient culture all along the ancient Roman road from the Empire! Via Romanaconnects Bavay, capital of the Nervians, to Velzeke over 85 kilometres via the villages of Pommeroeul, Blicquy and Flobecq. It also provides links between four major archaeological sites and museums on both sides of the border. Each of these sites offers you the unique chance to immerse yourself in the life of a people of Gallia Belgica.


The four archaeological sites


The provincial archaeological museum of Velzeke (Flanders)

Located to the north of the Roman road, this site will surprise you with its unique objects and its fun approach. Touching on the past, going to meet our ancestors, dressing in Gallo-Roman fashion, donning the armour of a Gallic warrior or a Roman legionnaire and visiting a Roman garden are all activities you can experience on this archaeological site!

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The Gallo-Roman space of Ath (Picardy Wallonia)

Excavations at Pommeroeul have served to preserve a barge discovered in exceptional condition. Unique in Belgium, it has been restored and is presented in an air-conditioned display in the Gallo-Roman space. There you can enjoy immersion experiences throughout the year, handling, touching, smelling and discovering the bustling merchant life of ancient times!

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The Archéosite and Museum of Aubechies Beloeil (Picardy Wallonia)

This open-air reenactment site takes you on a journey of 5,000 years into the past. The Celtic-Roman sanctuary of Blicquy, the necropolis and the Gallo-Roman vicus were reconstructed on the basis of excavations carried out a few kilometres from the Roman road. You’ll also discover settlements of the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age, a Gaulish house and a museum space. Barge rides and craft demonstrations on Sunday afternoons in season.

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The Ancient Forum of Bavay (France)

Extraordinary remains of the forum of Bavay (dating from the 1st century) which have attested to the importance of the city of Bagacum in Antiquity. The archaeological site spans 2.5 hectares and offers a family visit, a 3D film and events to delve into ancient life.

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To get a clearer picture


  • Via Bavay Velzeke map: It details the route of the Roman road. This useful map provides information on various excavations conducted in the region and locates the closest museums and tourist offices.
  • Visitor’s booklet:  It contains illustrated anecdotes, riddles, historical explanations and a schematic map of the Roman road – Click here to download it.
  • Milestones: 10 milestones located along the Roman road provide thematic explanations.


These free documents are available from the four archaeological sites. Feel free to contact them.