The towns

Fancy wandering round the city? Picardy Wallonia is characterised by its peaceful villages in unspoilt countryside and its human-scale cities.

Cities of art and history, Tournai and Ath invite you to discover their historical heart and bring relaxing moments into your trip, be it on the terrace of their Grand-Place or in the shopping streets of their town centres. Mouscron invites you to one of its many restaurants or to participate in one of its many festivities.

Tournai, city of art and history

Medieval Tournai has rich UNESCO heritage and two millennia of history. Tournai is where Clovis I was born, and is one of the oldest towns in Belgium. Stroll along the renovated quays of the River Scheldt, bargain-hunt in second-hand or antique dealers’ shops and, sit down and have a meal!


Ath, city of the Giants

Start in the town centre. Have a wander around, window-shopping and more, have a Gouyasse beer in the Place. Go to the Giants’ House, which reveals the secrets and lastly traditions regarding the famous Ducasse festivities, which have taken place for the last 500 years.


Mouscron, city of the Hurlus

Mouscron has an innate sense of hospitality and friendliness – many events are held there throughout the year. Here foodies will enjoy themselves !