in Tournai

The " Pont des Trous"

The "Pont des Trous" delimitates the historic heart of Tournai. It is one of the most prestigious vestiges of medieval military architecture in Belgium and one of the world's three remaining military river bridges. Built in the late 13th century, the bridge was part of the second rampart of Tournai, which featured a total of 18 gates, and protected the course of the river Scheldt through the city. Its construction took close to 50 years: the tower on the left bank (Bourdiel tower) dates from 1281 and the tower of the right bank (Thieulerie tower) was completed in 1304. The construction of the arches took another 25 years. In 1948 the water gate was raised by 2.40 in order to facilitate the passage of boats on the river. The bridge itself is no longer accessible, but you have an excellent view from the quays !Since August 2019, rehabilitation works are in progress.

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