The tourist trails

Get fresh ideas for themed walks

Picardy Wallonia is famous for its many hiking, cycling, mountain biking and equestrian circuits that cross its two natural parks (Pays des Collines and Plaines de l'Escaut natural parks) and its characterful cities (TournaiAthMouscron, etc.).

A dozen marked, themed walks let you discover the most beautiful landscapes of Picardy Wallonia. As a couple, with friends or as a family, you’ll cross the surrounding countryside, woods, plains, hills and villages, encountering the Wapi’s characteristics on the way!


Artistic walks

The artistic walks are essential to discover the most beautiful corners of Picardy Wallonia in a fun way. During your walk, you’ll discover the works of artists of our home and make strange encounters...

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Interpretive routes

Following these paths and reading the interpretive panels that border them, you’ll learn more about the history of the places you pass through, from the characters who’ve travelled this land to the city’s heritage and past...

Beer routes

Picardy Wallonia packs in 15 artisan breweries which produce a total of over 100 beers. All are stopovers and tasting opportunities to explore en route. Download our cycling circuits.

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Randofamili walks

Discover our selection of fun and easy walks for families. They’re short, fun, often pushchair-friendly and always located near sites or restaurants which are welcoming or cater for short breaks!

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