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Picardy Wallonia is criss-crossed by an extensive network of paths and small country roads. By bike or on foot, lovers of the great outdoors have 1,600 km of marked cycle routes and 700 km of footpaths of which 350 km have marker points... Now you can stroll till your heart’s content!


A system of marquer points or Knoopunten in Flemish (which translates into English variously as nodes, crossroads, junctions, or literally knot points) was created in Flanders a dozen or so years ago and has gradually been extended across all of the Flemish Region, and into the Netherlands and Germany.

Like the road network, bike routes are interconnected. The territory is covered by a tightly-knit network of stretches, which form a juxtaposition of schematic “triangles” or loops. On the ground, each intersection is numbered and equipped with a directional beacon which features the number of the intersection and signage directing cyclists towards the next numbered intersections.

On maps, each segment is marked and so is its length. A walker or a cyclist who has a map of the interconnecting network in an area can thus choose his or her itinerary as he or she wishes, making it longer or shorter during their outings, choosing from the infinite options. The network can in addition be practicable in both directions.

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In Picardy Wallonia, there are 1,600 kilometres (about 1,000 miles) of routes signposted according to the points-nœuds system. The network covers the 23 localities in Picardy Wallonia and its two nature parks: 7,500 directional beacons were put in place in 2014! The network is also interconnected with other Walloon cycle paths, with Flemish points-nœuds networks and with Véloroute and voies vertes (cycle paths and greenways) in France.

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In Picardy, 350 km of routes are marked out on the network of marker points in Pays des Collines. The 350 km signposted trail covers the Mont-de-L’Enclus, Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing, Ellezelles, Flobecq, northern Celles and northern Ath municipalities. The trails are burgundy with marker-point numbers in a white circle. They were developed to ensure continuity of trans-regional signposted trails with the Flemish Ardennes and the Lys region (Leiestreek). In total, 2,500 beacons have been produced to cover the north of Picardy Wallonia.

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