The 2 nature parks

Wallonia Picardy and its two natural parks are a vast source of nature walks available in all its different forms.

The hills are enchanting places where interpretive walks are aesthetic and the drops particularly challenging... The plains of the Scheldt offer opportunities to discover fauna and flora preserved through observation points scattered over the routes.

Pays des Collines information centre in Ellezelles

It is in the Pays des Collines information centre that visitors will find ideas for activities, lodging, good restaurants and walks. A 40-minute animated journey offers a great introduction to the traditions, landscapes and history of the region. A visit to the shop allows you to discover local products.

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Marker points & artistic walks

The Pays des Collines is characterised by its 350 km of marker points that criss-cross the territory with endless walking routes. But that is not all. Four aesthetic walks, including the famous Sentier de l'Etrange, attract many visitors every year. They introduce hikers to the region’s local folklore and historical places of interest. Here, fantastic creatures and artistic works make for an unusual experience for hikers...

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The Bon Secours forest stopover

In the heart of the Plaines de l'Escaut nature park, the forest stopover is a beautiful gateway to the forest of Bon-Secours (1,000 hectares). In addition to informing visitors about the many routes to enjoy by foot, bike, mountain bike or horseback, it offers family experiences at the edge of the forest or at the treetops. Make your choice!

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The Harchies marshes

This marshy area spanning 550 hectares is a major site in Wallonia for observing nesting birds. It offers ideal conditions for their migration and breeding. Look up and maybe you'll get the chance to see some migratory species like the great cormorant or the gray heron.

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