Top 10 fantasy events

Discover the most unusual festivities in Picardy Wallonia!

A rural land, Picardy Wallonia is among those areas which give pride of place to oral heritage.  Here the imagination is brought to life through tales and legends transmitted from generation to generation, a rich and lively folklore, bucolic and mysterious landscapes suitable for staging and scenery rich in that “Once upon a time...” feel. It’s therefore not surprising to find a multitude of events that immerse us into imaginary worlds where escape and surprise are central. Below, you’ll discover the top 10 of these festivities which won’t cease to amaze you every year (or every two years)!

Sortilèges, Rue et Vous ! – Ath / May

A multidisciplinary event that takes place every Thursday on Ascension Day and brings together thousands of spectators. Circus, street theatre, puppets, music ... Free.

The enchanted Collines – Flobecq / May

Animations for lovers of nature and enchantment. Tales, music, interactive walks, workshops and magical snacks at the House of medicinal plants in Flobecq. Children in costume welcome! Every 2 years. Free entertainment, snack payable with booking.

Antoing over time / June

Medieval festival in Antoing Castle. Artists and artisans present their know-how during combats, displays of weapons, utensils and period clothing, and calligraphy demonstrations. Recreated camp and various entertainment. Admission fee.

The witches’ Sabbath – Ellezelles / June

Story walk along the so-called strange trail with the witches of Ellezelles, including a craft fair, entertainment and reconstruction of the great Sabbath at a light and sound show by a bonfire. Free entertainment, admission fee for show.

Medieval encampment in Enghien park / July

A gathering of medieval groups featuring a hundred reenacted characters, medieval camps, a medieval craft market, performances and demonstrations, archery, horse riding, and more. In the park of Enghien. Admission fee.

Commentated walks in the Enghien grounds / August

A fairy-tale expedition for the whole family in the forest of secrets surrounded by arout fifty costumed actors, street artists, creative workshops and craftsmen. Admission fee for walks and booking required.

Féeries de Beloeil / August

Fairy-tale performances in Belgium’s answer to Versailles, the Castle of Beloeil. Dancers, a pianist on water, fire breathers, acrobats, geese trainers, musketeers... An event packed with unusual, exclusive experiences. Entry fee.

Ducasse d’Ath / August

The Ducasse d’Ath is a Unesco recognised folklore festival which has had giants and the people of Ath dancing for more than five centuries. Procession of giants and historical groups, marriage of Goliath, fight between David and Goliath ... Every 4th Sunday of August. Free entry.

Nocturnal walk on the strange trail – Ellezelles / September

Night walk in the company of the devil and witches of Ellezelles on the strange trail decorated with works of the artist Watkyne. Everyone is provided with a lamp or light (hollowed beets or pumpkins). Every second Saturday of September from 8.30pm. Free entry.

Story festival of Néchin / Septembe

Commentated walks, creative workshops, nursery rhymes, songs, tales and readings for the little ones as well as some theatrical performances and a final show liven up the afternoon. Free entry.