Party in the castle

Discover the castles of Picardy Wallonia in great fanfare at prestigious events ...

The princely land of Picardy Wallonia is the family seat of the princes of Lignes. This illustrious family of the Belgian nobility dating back to the 11th century owes its name to the village of Ligne, located between Ath and Tournai in Picardy Wallonia. Beloeil and Antoing castles still belong to them today and are visited in style during certain festivities. The castles of Attre and Enghien are also favourite settings for prestigious festivals.

Beloeil Caste, April/May

Amaryllis Competition

6,000 amaryllis flowers deck out and transform the princely residence with a discreet and temporary living fragrance for nine days. From the grand staircase to the apartments of the field-marshal, from the ambassadors’ room to Epinoy’s, the sculpted bouquets of amaryllises will arrest your senses. Admission fee.

Antoing Castle, May

Les Printanières du Château

This floral event is particularly recognised for its family feel and for its flowery trail which allows you to discover Antoing Castle. Flower market in the castle and on the square, entertainment, demonstrations, visits to the keep and ramparts, and more.

Enghien Castle, May

Bonsai oriental expo

Every two years, Asia and bonsais in particular are in the limelight in Enghien during Pentecost weekend. An exhibition that brings together around a hundred trees, pottery craftsmen and Asian decorations flood the acacia room and the former stables of Enghien Castle. Admission fee.

Kasteel van Edingen, augustus

International musical encounters

At the end of August, the exceptional setting of the park and Enghien Castle becomes the setting for musical encounters every year. These meetings bring together internationally renowned artists and students during master classes open to the public. Concerts are given at the castle stables, at the entrance to the grounds, or in the castle lounges. Admission fee.

Beloeil Castle, August

Les Féeries de Beloeil

“Les Féeries de Beloeil” bring a touch of fantasy and magic to one of Belgium’s most beautiful estates. 300 artists, 19 performances and 3 companies make their way through the park to offer a unique experience. Entry fee.


Picnic at Attre Castle

During this garden picnic, you reserve your picnic (made up of local produce) or bring your own to enjoy concerts, visits and entertainment in the prestigious setting of Attre Castle grounds.

Enghien Castle, April

Orchids and passion of Asia

This exhibition highlights the countless species and thousands of varieties of orchids on our planet. A biennial event, it takes place in the stable and the acacia room of Enghien Castle and is very successful. Admission fee.