The beer trail

Discover five artisan breweries along this route: A 75km tourist drive between Tournai and Ath.

The land of a hundred craft beers, Picardy Wallonia holds the record for the number of microbreweries. It is the most densely populated Belgian region in terms of speciality beer production. Practically every municipality has its own beer—and its own brewery. On the drive, you’ll discover five celebrated artisan breweries, as well as a series of fascinating places where you can get to know the local beers. So why not start with a stopover in the heart of Tournai, a stone's throw from the cathedral, in Le Moine Austère, a shop selling more than 400 beers from Picardy Wallonia and other areas of Belgium.

The “Bierodrome” of Tournai

On the sides of the Scheldt, the Bierodrome offers a space dedicated to artisan beer. Besides its own beer, brewed on site, it lets you taste and/or take away more than 200 quality artisan products, mostly beers brewed in the region.

The Brasserie Dubuisson, Pipaix (Leuze-en-Hainaut)

The oldest and most authentic brewery in Wallonia. Eight generations have come and gone since 1769. The Brasserie Dubuisson produces, in particular, the famous Bush beer, as well as Cuvée des Trolls and Surfine. The brewery also has an on-site brasserie. Reservation recommended.

The Brasserie à Vapeur (The Steam Brewery), Pipaix (Leuze-en-Hainaut)

This last steam brewery in the world, produces traditional artisan and natural beers—non-pasteurised, and bottle fermented; it brews beers such as Saison de Pipaix and Vapeur en folie (steam gone mad!) using authentic 19th century equipment. Just as in the old days, a twelve-horsepower steam engine drives the machinery.  

The Brasserie Dupont, Tourpes

The  Brasserie Dupont is a family brewery that specialises in the manufacture of bottle-fermented beers. La Moinette and Saison Dupont are brewed there in the traditional way. Since 1990, a part of the production has been brewed under an organic label; and, since 1995, five varieties of cheese have also been produced on site.

The Brasserie Des Légendes - Gouyasse site, Irchonwelz (Ath)

Many legends are associated with the beers produced by the Brasserie des Légendes, such as the Ducasse d'Ath beer (“Ath Feast beer”), and Gouyasse (which means Goliath in the local dialect—in reference to one of the famous festival giants). These are the only Belgium beers that are "100%" locally sourced: from the ingredients to the glass! And you can taste all these delights for the palate on-site, accompanied, in summer, by a range of local produce.