The Second World War

Memories of the Resistance combined in a museum and an event.

The Second World War shaped the region profoundly. In occupied land, Picardy Wallonia experienced some fine feats of resistance, some of which are described by the MaquiStory in Silly. In Bonsecours, the liberation of the city is commemorated each year. These two places allow you to revisit the 1940s.

MaquiStory - Silly

This mini-museum located in a chapel evokes the Resistance in villages of the entity of Silly. MaquiStory comes from the term maquis, which refers to a group of resisters as well as the place where it went on. Objects and striking audiovisual stories illustrate the visit. One thing is missing from this museum: weapons. Only helmets, shots, the underground press and other personal items are on display. A 5-km marked walk starts at the foot of this historial and traces the course of a parachute in real time.

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Remember day – Bonsecours (May)

Remember Day is a must-see historical re-enactment of the Péruwelz region. Every first weekend in May, more than 300 costumed performers march through Bonsecours to commemorate the liberation of the city. A hundred vintage vehicles criss-cross Bonsecours. And, through productions, dozens of volunteers relive daily life of the besieged local population.