Picardy Wallonia

An astonishing, peaceful oasis between Lille and Brussels!

Picardy Wallonia, Naturally nearby

Picardy Wallonia is a vast and inviting green plain, with 330,000 residents, located outside of Lille, Brussels, Mons and Courtrai. It consists of 23 municipalities, 2 natural parks and 3 heritage and commercial towns - Tournai, Ath and Mouscron. It offers its residents and passing visitors a wide range of outdoor attractions, miles to explore in a protected, natural environment and many festive and friendly events.

A historical hub!

Heritage lovers will be in their element. The centre of Tournai, the city of 5 steeples, is rich in history - its Notre-Dame cathedral and its belfry are registered UNESCO world heritage sites, and the Fine Arts museum, in the building designed by Horta, is home to an outstanding collection of Impressionist pieces. But that’s not all: Ath, with its medieval ‘Burbant’ tower and the House of Giants, referring to its famous Ducasse parade, is itself a registered UNESCO heritage site; Lessines and the Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital are important parts of Wallonia’s heritage. Beloeil, with its park and its castle; Enghien and its park, also known for being a wonderful garden. Look forward to hours spent visiting and walking around the sites!

How about children?

Children and families are not forgotten. As for leisure activities, there are indoor playgrounds for the winter, and outdoor facilities and trips for the summer. Pairi Daiza, a real worldwide garden where thousands of animals live side by side, invites you to visit for a fun-filled day. The archaeological sites will transport you back to Roman times. Lastly, the Wap Adventure activity books and the Rando Famili walks will guarantee that you have a fun, informative break, as you explore our entire region.

Have a wonderful walk...

Hikers are in luck! With its two nature parks, in Pays des Collines and the Scheldt Plains, there are many paths to explore. On foot, by bike, on horseback or even by mountain bike, through the rural, hilly landscape or the vast, shaded wetland plains, sporty types or lovers of peace and quiet and of the great outdoors, you will not be disappointed!

Delicious and nutritious!

Foodies will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of great restaurants and local producers in Picardy Wallonia, and they don’t hold back when it comes to singing the praises of their region. It has to be said, the craft beers, brewed by the 14 local micro-breweries, are unmissable! There are over a hundred varieties, so enjoy in moderation!

Get into the festive spirit!

Lastly, fans of folklore and festivities won’t be short of entertainment. After all, Picardy Wallonia is a dynamic place, and there are plenty of community and cultural events spaced out across the year. Between the old traditions brought to life, in particular, by the museums dedicated to rural living, the legend of the giants, the circus and music festivals, the classical concert performances and the botanical garden fairs, there are plenty of events to enjoy.