The specialities


The culinary specialties of Picardy Wallonia are often concocted from local products highly prized by foodies, including beer, speculoos, chocolate, cheese, Vitelotte potato, etc.


Some local produce

‘Eul jatte des chorchîles’, ‘Herculines’, ‘Artifruit’ and many other aperitifs are all artisan products based on local produce with sweet, bitter, fruity, dry and full-bodied taste: it varies! You’ll find them on the Pays des Collines side.


Foodies in Picardy Wallonia take delight in artisan chocolate makers. Hence they produce pralines with effigies of Collines owls or the sisters of Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital or Lesdain strawberry chocolates...


Flemish waffles oozing with vanilla or brown sugar are mirrored in the Succès du Jour (“success of the day”) brand of a Tournai company that has made them its specialty, to the delight of many devotees!

Typical dishes

Some dishes that are typical of our country are known well beyond the borders. Lapin à la tournaisienne (or simply rabbit with prunes) mixes the flavours of onions, prunes and beer for a salty-sweet dish. It is eaten on Lundi Perdu or Lundi Parjuré (the Monday following Epiphany) and is accompanied by a salad of wheat, apples, onions, endives, red cabbage and beans.

Local sweets

Palet de dame is a pure butter biscuit covered with apricot jam and a frosting. You’ll find it in any good bakery in Tournai.

Ballons de Tournai are black and hard sweets composed of three different sugars. They soothe irritated throats in winter. Quesnoy pastry shop in Tournai is the only one still producing them according to the original recipe.