Walks along the water’s edge

Following the water

The many rivers, canals and a few lakes and ponds in the region are music to the eyes and ears of hikers! With greenways (RAVeLs) running alongside them, the Scheldt River, the Dendre, the Nimy-Blaton-Péronnes canal, the Espierre canal – not forgetting the Blaton-Ath canal – are wonderful spots for walks, for families and for people who don’t like walking uphill. Walks are punctuated by the passing of barges and the many canal locks and boat lifts. In addition, the Péronnes-Le Grand Large marina and artificial lake, the Etang du Miroir and Le Grand Canal in Enghien park at the Château d’Enghien, the Natura 2000 area not far from La Maison de Léaucourt, all offer leisure activities. Take advantage of these sites and the attractions nearby to plan your days!

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