Beyond the Mountains

Mont Saint-Aubert, Mont de l'Enclus, Mont de Frasnes... all special places for walkers.

One reaches 147m in height, and the other, 141m. Though a far cry from the challenging peaks of some mountain ranges, whether you're walking or cycling, you’ll still need energy to climb to the summits of these hills. The highest peak in Picardy Wallonia, Mont-Saint-Aubert, is the starting point for many walks. Its summit offers a superb view of the steeples of Tournai and the Escaut valley. When you reach the top of Mont-de-l'Enclus, you’ll find shaded terraces of cafes and restaurants ready to offer sustenance to the deserving walker! And finally, Monts de Frasnes offers some fine views of the Pays des Collines.

The panorama from Mont Saint-Aubert

Set on high, at 147m, Mont Saint-Aubert represents the region’s peak, and the green heart of Tournai. It offers a panoramic view of the entire Scheldt valley and the five-steepled city. It is also known as Mont de la Trinité (The Mount of the Trinity), as a result of the pilgrimage of the same name, which dates back to the fourteenth century.

This peaceful peak, just above the city, is a delight for walkers and families. Numerous walks start from the peak, such as the Balade Des Poètes Du Soleil Couchant (The Walk of the Poets of the Setting Sun) . The terrace of the restaurant Le Floréal Panoramique is a haven in summer, and a place to relax and take a break.

Relax at the Enclus du Haut

So here you are, 141m above sea level, at the summit of the Pays des Collines. This former holiday resort still attracts the crowds. It has to be said that the Enclus du Haut is home to a number of brasseries that are great places to eat and relax. Children will have plenty of fun in the play areas to the rear of the brasseries or in the woods. And adults will appreciate the views of the pretty early-20th-century villas and the dishes on offer, prepared with local products.

Walking, cycling or mountain biking trails are plentiful. Le Circuit paysager du Mont de l’Enclus in particular, offers an enjoyable 6km walking circuit that takes you along pleasant little paths through woodland and past numerous beautiful villas. A perfect walk for families! Visit the Maison Des Randonneurs walkers information centre to collect your maps.

Attractions on the Monts de Frasnes

There are fine views from the high points of Monts de Frasnes, an area loved by walkers. The villages of the Pays des Collines are quintessentially rural, and are best discovered by walking, cycling, mountain biking or horse riding on the rural trails that criss-cross them. The villages of Frasnes-Les-Buissenal, Saint-Sauveur, Dergneau, Arc-Ainières and Anvaing quickly give you a taste of the landscapes making up the natural park.

Take a walk around the château d’Anvaing, surrounded by water and trees, to enjoy shady walks and beautiful views of the hills! Pedal along the new RAVeL des Collines greenway and follow its marker points to Ellezelles and Flobecq. Find out about our suggestions for days out in the Pays des Collines, which allow you to combine walking and relaxation!