Beyond the textbooks

I’m coming with my class

Wallonia Picardy invites you to relive history on a large scale, and to set out to discover nature, science and the strange.

With your class, discover a vast garden of plains and hills in the extreme west of Wallonia, on the border of France, Flanders, and the Brussels region. Shifting through history, the border here has delivered a multicultural, rich, natural and sometimes even supernatural heritage...

Tournai, medieval and artistic city; Lessines, its Hôtel-Dieu of the Middle Ages; Ath, city of giants; archaeology at Ath and Aubechies; Pairi Daiza, gardens of the worlds; our two natural parks, sometimes populated by fantastic beings... The sites of Picardy Wallonia reserve a personalised welcome for school groups. They offer specific visits, workshops, days and more, so the lessons come to life!


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