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Views of the forest from below, above and from the castle


Are you ready for an outing to explore the forest? Discover the fauna and flora like a Lilliputian. Climb up and look out over the tops of the trees 16 metres up in the air, followed by an adventure into the national forest of Bon-Secours, to find the Château de l’Hermitage.


Discover the Maison du Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut

Rendezvous at the beginning of the afternoon at the Maison du Parc naturel des Plaines de l’Escaut to pick up information about all the different walks in the region. Buy your admission ticket for the Escale Forestière, the educational, entertaining and surprising circuit in the Maison du Parc on the theme of the fauna and flora in the forest. A guaranteed delight for children: the mushrooms here are huge and the journey finishes with a virtual trip in a hot-air balloon. Outside you can climb to the 50-metre long observation walkway that winds its way through the tree trunks so that you can discover the forest from above.

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Walk in the forest of the Château de l’Hermitage (4 km – 1h15)

Now it’s time to plunge into the Bon-Secours Forest also called the ‘Forêt de l’Hermitage ‘ – which is Franco-Belgian. The signposted walk takes you right up to the Château de l’Hermitage, a big hunting pavilion that once belonged to the powerful Croÿ family. The park within the wide avenues is magnificently maintained and is a perfect example of the art of landscaping at the end of the 18th century. Guided tours are available by reservation only. Download the audio commentary for your own guided walk with your family.

Time for a beer break in Péruwelz

At the end of your walk you can pick the bar of your choice on the Place de Péruwelz and sample one of the many local beers. Bonsecours (Brasserie Caulier) tastes of raspberries while Diôle (Brasserie des Carrières) has aromas of citrus fruits and passion fruit. And if it happens to be aperitif time, a traditional glass of picon white wine is de rigueur!

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