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Giants and Lights in Ath


Take an afternoon to discover a host of giants; see how they live, taste their beer and go on an evening walk in shades of blue.


Visit of the Giants’ House

The Giants’ House is located just behind the tourist office of Ath (also very practical for finding information about the region). On the walk you will discover the legendary figures of the North and of Ath in particular. You’ll learn how they were made and transported, popular traditions and local festivities, etc. Films and videos will plunge you into the major milestones in the lives of these celebrations. At the end of the visit you will go through the atrium for a tour of the back of the garden with lovely views over Cambier Castle in which the museum is housed.

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Have a break – have a Gouyasse on the Grand Place of Ath

After your visit, chill out on the terrace of the Grand Place and sample a grand cru beer: Gouyasse, Saison, Urchon, Goliath, Ducassis, etc. all of which are brewed according to the ancient traditional method that is still practiced today just a few kilometres from the town centre in the Brasserie des Légendes of Irchonwelz. You can then continue your tour along the adjacent shopping streets

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Circuit of Lights (2km – 1h00)

Ideally you should wait until the sun has set to start the Circuit of Lights. Blue light-emitting diodes guide you as you discover the most important landmarks of the town: the Giants’ House (start of the walk), Burbant Castle, the houses in the rue Beugnies and the Gallo Roman Museum. Download the audio commentary so that you get all the information you need on your walk.

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