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Beautiful sites, beautiful views!


How about convincing your partner to go on an outing to discover the bucolic region of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing? A little bit of climb it’s true, but what a view from the top!


‘Beau Sites’ circuit to Saint-Sauveur (10 km – 3h30)

The Pays des Collines Nature Reserve stretches out over villages each of which has its special features. Frasnes-lez-Anvaing has its own castle and very pretty approach, but also its own ‘Beau Site’! This hamlet that takes its name from the hotel built in the 30s has great views over the surrounding hills. Your circuit involves a bit of a climb, so you’ll need a bit of perseverance to reach the top, but the paths are bucolic and the view when you get to the top makes it all worth the while.

Les "Beaux Sites" Saint-Sauveur

Refreshment or evening meal at the Maison Blanche

Home fare. In the afternoon you can take a relaxing break with an ice cream or waffle on a lovely terrace. And in the evening why not sip an aperitif from your comfortable sofa before you take your place at table. Recommendations: rib-eye steak for healthy appetites with Béarnaise sauce and home-made French fries - definitely worth the detour!

La Maison Blanche

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