An idea for a short break—2 days/1 night

A weekend with the artist Watkyne, in the Village des Sorcières


Ellezelles is known as the Village de l’Étrange (the village of the strange), frequented by "Chorchîles" (witches) who gather every year at a great witches’ sabbath celebrated at the end of June. Folklore here is still palpable, in the tradition instituted by the artist, Watkyne. A walk on the Sentier de l’Etrange, an interactive route, the Brasserie des Légendes and the statues of Quintine and Hercule await you in this small village in the Pays des Collines...


Day 1

Take advantage of your trip to discover the entire Pays des Collines region. The Route Paysagère des Collines will allow you to discover the most beautiful parts of the natural park, with its rural landscapes, characteristic pollarded willows, copses and mills. The "Un Petit Coin de Paradis" gite in Ellezelles is ideal for a night surrounded by the works of the artist, Watkyne. Here, you’ll be in his very house — at the centre of his creative universe — and a raft of "folk-art" paintings and sculptures!

Day 2

The following morning, take the Sentier de l’Etrange, which can be found nearby. This 6km walk is guaranteed to bite you back with its rather enchanting take on ​​folklore, peopled by good witches and a devil who’s really more of a joker! En route, stop at the Ferme de Fourquepire to enjoy a Quintine and/or a well-deserved meal.

In the afternoon head for the Maison du Pays des Collines. It offers an interactive circuit covering the traditions, tales and legends of the region. Next, set a course for the Brasserie des Légendes. Consider reserving if you want to visit its working parts. Otherwise, enjoy the sun on the terrace while the children play in the playground, and let yourself be tempted by something sweet or one of beer-based recipes at the Chaudron des Légendes, the tavern adjacent to the brewery.