in Brugelette

Exhibition: “Impression de P'art Être” in the Age of Enlightenment

Since 2010, the Association Antan Present has been offering people the chance to explore a particular period in history, and highlighting what connects it to the present. The exhibitions combine historical facts with art thanks to costumes made out of paper.

The Château d'Attre is housing one of these unusual exhibitions throughout the summer. Wander around the different rooms of this stately home and meet an 18th century archduchess, or a wigmaker, made entirely out of paper.

The Château d'Attre is open from 2pm until 6pm. From 19 May until 30 June, on Sundays and bank holidays; from 1 July until 25 August, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. Groups welcome during the week, by appointment. Call +32 (0)68 45 44 60.

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