in Tournai

Exhibition "At Last !" about 1918-2018 in the Military History Museum

The liberation of Tournai and Tournaisis by the Fifth British Army in October-November 1918.

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4 years of verdigris.

The dark years of the occupation of our border region in its various aspects: military, administrative but also economic occupation, with all its consequences on the daily life of its inhabitants; unemployment and hunger, traffic obstacles, information and censorship, constant checks, requisitions, looting, deportation of civilians and crackdown on spying.

The hope, the waiting and the deliverance.

After the last German military offensives of spring 1918 and the allied outburst of the summer, one hundred days of liberation offensive that would lead to the retreat of the German armies on the Hermann-Stellung and to the ultimate weeks of resistance in the pocket of Tournai, ending with the liberation of Tournaisis in the last hours of the war in a sinister procession of destruction.

The British effort provided towards the rebuilding of infrastructure during the winter of 1918-1919, the difficult return to normal life, the patriotic zeal.

Extensive photographic illustration, often unpublished, weaponry and equipment, newspapers, posters and period objects from museum collections and private collections.

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