Five renowned chocolate shops await you in Wapi.

Did someone say chocolate?

Five renowned chocolate shops await you in Wapi.

From classical praline to mendiant sweets, to biscuits and other cocoa flavors, you’re sure to find something of interest in Picardy Wallonia. Five houses specialising in chocolate have developed an enticing offer of original sweet bites, including pralines with chocolate-pear ganache, passion fruit, sunflower praline and even black truffle. Your taste buds will be tickled. These expert chocolate makers showcase local produce to bring out the best of their chocolate. All you have to do is taste them!

Chocolate factory C Comme – Dottignies

In 2007, two chocolate lovers set up the chocolate factory C Comme... in Dottignies. The epicurean and friendly side of the company also welcomes you also to their biscuitry and confectionery area. Are you more pralines? Taste one of their many amazing flavours such as passion fruit, tea or cuberdon. In summer, there’s room for homemade ice cream or macaroons with lavender. A delight!

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Maison Léger Chocolate Factory – Enghien and Tournai

Since 1995, the Léger brothers have been producing truffles, pralines and others treats, all of which are equally tasty. No added vegetable fat: just premium cocoa beans! Their cult product is breaking chocolate. Food heaven awaits you at Maison Léger in Tournai and Enghien.

Chocolaterie La Montagne – Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing

Located in Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing, La Montagne chocolate factory makes its own chocolates and artisan pralines. Try these innovative textures and flavours, including sunflower praline or praline with black truffle and roasted hazelnuts (created in partnership with the prestigious Château du Mylord in Ellezelles).

Caroline D Chocolate Factory – Mouscron

Enter the world of Caroline, and more precisely her workshop! Indeed, her work surface and utensils are located in the heart of her shop. All your senses will be stimulated at the Caroline D Chocolate Factory in Mouscron.

Délices et Chocolats –Templeuve and Hollain

Cédric Cardon, awarded by various juries of the Plaines de l’Escaut, has developed a range of artisan chocolates that are both delicate and tasty. A detour round one of its shops in Templeuve or Hollain (Brunehaut) is required to uncover “Délices et Chocolats” in the shop located next to the workshop. In addition to the classics, discover some unique products which showcase local produce such as apple-pear ganache from the orchards of Brunehaut, hazelnut-coffee praline or praline with rose liqueur.

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