Slow Food

Eat well and organically, a real way of life to be tested in Picardy Wallonia.

“Slow Food” is a way of eating and designing food. It promotes the pleasures of eating and conviviality, educating one’s palate, respecting the environment and biodiversity. The organisers wish to highlight the direct relationship between consumers and producers and their fair pay. At Silly and at Saint-Sauveur, we take the time to live and appreciate the good things.


Slow Food in Silly

Throughout the year, Saveurs de Silly organises gourmet and/or sporting events around the Slow Food concept. Through a meal-walk, workshops and Slow Food week, you’ll discover the surroundings and enjoy the local produce on sale directly. Four events not to be missed for lovers of good food:

Eden Slow Tour
The Silly tourist information centre tells you more about the Slow Food lifestyle in their community during a marvellous 24 km bike ride. You’ll receive your lunch bag made up of seasonal products, a drink and the route card of the ride.

Tasting picnic by bike
Ride your bike and get to know Silly’s landscapes and regional products. This 20 km ride takes you through the countryside to meet local producers. A picnic break takes place at noon. Nothing quite like savouring nut or plum wine, cold meats, artisan bread or organic fruits and vegetables.

Slow Food weekSeptember
In September, a national week of Slow Food is organised by participating cities. The programme includes activities, workshops, mini talks and tastings for the whole family.

Christmas market December
Good consumer practice guide and Slow Food menu based on regional produce.

Slow Food at Saint-Saveur

The “La cuisine” restaurant is adjacent to the “Vertes Feuilles” guest room. This leg of the fine food journey has become an institution in Slow Food over the years. Pascal Martens wanted his kitchen to be in the centre of the restaurant from the outset. This means you can watch your meals being prepared. The Slow Food menu includes five services prepared from local products: from aperitif to coffee!