Local market, with outstanding artisans and producers

Throughout the year, many festivals, fairs and exhibitions are organised, highlighting the local produce of Picardy Wallonia.

Vitelottes, strawberries, apples, beers and cheeses are a delight to the region’s renowned chefs. Enjoy them at Croque et Troque or at the gourmet covered market. Meet their producers at fairs during the summer season. Don’t miss the Lahamaide harvest festival or those at La Glanerie and Soete. Farmers in period clothing use this occasion to mimic the way their ancestors operated. This is the opportunity to discover the Picardy countryside in its most delightful and joyful form!

Croque et Troque - Ellezelles

Each first Friday of the month
Every first Friday of the month in Ellezelles, the Croque et Troque farmer's market is the central source of sales of goods. Every month, a different restaurateur is honoured. In front of visitors, they prepare a menu highlighting regional raw materials and unveil their cooking secrets.

Marché futé - Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing

Each third Firday of the month from May
On the third Friday of the month, the Futé market opens its doors from 5pm to 8pm at the village house of Anvaing to offer you cheeses, butter, yogurt, cream, poultry (duck, quail, chicken, etc.), pâté, sausages, charcuterie, matten tart, jam, oil, vinegar, fruits, vegetables, beers, wines, flour, potatoes, wool crafts... And much more! All served by producers from the region.

CoopérATHive - Ath

Each second Saturday of the month
The local producers’ market welcomes you to Ath from 1.00pm to 6.00pm. The stands proudly represent the Pays Vert and the Pays des Collines regions. There you can buy dairy products (ewes, goats, cows, etc.), fruits and vegetables, charcuterie, foie gras, aperitifs, breads, local beers and many other quality craft dishes. CoopérATHive is committed to promoting regional products and good nutrition in short circuits. Free entry.

Local Farmers’ Market – Leuze

Every first Sunday of the month
The producers of Leuze-en-Hainaut and its surroundings meet between 9 and 12 o’clock every first Sunday of the month on LeuzArena esplanade, a 5 minutes’ walk from the train station. Many local products are available at the market, including fruits and vegetables, artisan breads and pastries, dairy products, fresh and cooked meats, beers, wines, fruit juices, honey, jams, and more. Entertainment is also offered to young and old alike.

Brassicole Festival – Tournai

Nearly 5,000 discerning palates of all nationalities attend every year. Brassicole de Tournai offers a collection of over 100 Belgian beers to taste (with relative moderation) in the historic heart of the five-steepled city. Tegestologist swap meet.

Local products market - Mouscron

Every 3rd Thursday of the month from April to October
Between 4pm and 7pm on every 3rd Thursday of the month, Place Gérard Kasiers de Mouscron welcomes many Mouscron merchants who offer all sorts of local products. Regional beers, sausages, local wine, cheeses, cosmetics made from donkey’s milk, cuberdon sweets, organic vegetables and breads and many other products will awaken your taste buds.

Fair of the pretty, the good and the organic – Hérinnes

Whit Monday
Every year at Pentecost, the meeting is set at Maison de Léaucourt. Located in Pecq along the Scheldt, this idyllic setting welcomes adults and children for the fair of the pretty, the good and the organic (Foire du Beau, du Bon et du Bio). A nature guide takes you on a tour to discover the area’s wetlands, participate in the bourle carreaulé tournament and other traditional games, go pony trekking, and more.

L’Artifoire d’Hollain – Hollain

Bringing together the artisans and producers of Brunehaut, this fair has existed since 1975. Thousands of people travel to Artifoire d’Hollain to see artists, dancers, musicians and craftsmen offering the best of themselves. A local producers’ market offering honey, sheep’s cheeses, liqueurs, cured meats and even homemade pâté. Free entry.

Le musée comes to life – Huissignies

The museum of rural life of Huissignies comes to life every year in July for one day. At this event, you’ll learn about old-fashioned cereal threshing. The forge, the mill, the bread oven and other workshops come to life under the expert hands of craftsmen.

Bread festival – Mont-Saint-Aubert

The Sunday before 14 July, the whole family is invited to discover bread in all its forms during the bread festival at Mont-Saint-Aubert. You’ll watch bread making on site and taste homemade products.

Lahamaide harvest festival – Lahamaide

Every 1st Sunday in August, the harvest festival in Lahamaide welcomes thousands of visitors. Dive into one of Breughel’s typical landscapes by mixing with craftsmen, music and dances of the 16th century. Local market and craft demonstrations introduce you to the countryside at harvest time. This is the event not to be missed!

Old harvest festival – La Glanerie

At La Glanerie, the last crossing point before the French border, the ancient tradition that closes the harvest is celebrated every year in August. Old equipment exhibition, blacksmith’s shop, demonstration of herding dogs and work horses, wagon rides, straw pyramid, medieval encampment, mini farm, flea market of old agricultural and horticultural equipment, and more.

Harvest festival – Comines

Come and pick pumpkins and courgettes, play traditional games and dance during the harvest festival at Moulin de Soete. Don’t miss regular attendees’ most awaited moment: the launch of 300 piece of faluche bread from the top of the mill.

Tourpes en activité – Tourpes

Tourpiers craftspeople and shopkeepers reveal their know-how through exhibitions and guided tours. Demonstrations in workshops, discovering the bottling line at the Dupont brewery... Tegestologist swap meet.

Village fair of Ellezelles – Ellezelles

Craftspeople, artists, producers, street entertainment and orchestras meet in September for the village fair of Ellezelles. This gathering is the first in the region and dates from 1972.

Gourds festival – Antoing

The gourds festival is one of the unmissable moments of the new year. As proof, 7,000 visitors travel to the event each year. During this weekend, familiarise yourself with over 650 varieties of cucurbits.

Apple festival – Rongy

On the first weekend of October, families gather at the apple festival to celebrate the virtues of this fruit from our regions. The programme includes a walk through orchards in a horse-drawn carriage or small pick-up train, artisan pressing, an apple pie contest, a 5 or 10 km walk around Rongy, street shows, a helicopter flight over the region and musical entertainment!

Gourmet covered market – Tournai

This Tournai October classic is an inevitable gourmet gathering. Wander through the blue stone arches to discover local produce. Around thirty restaurateurs follow one after the other at the gourmet covered market in an open kitchen area, and they let you taste their specialties. An event especially for gourmands!

Gourds Festival

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Did you know?

La ruche qui dit oui” is an original initiative that comes from France. The aim is to bring together inhabitants of the same region to buy the best products from the entity’s farmers and artisans at unbeatable prices. Every week, a “hive” will meet you in your neighbourhood and you just have to collect your order. Seven “hives” await you in Picardy Wallonia.