Pairi Daiza, the worldwide garden


Pairi Daiza, the worldwide garden


Welcome to paradise!

Best zoological garden in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2017 and 3 stars in Michelin Green Guide of Belgium, Pairi Daiza has racked up awards over the years! More than 1,000,000 visitors flock to Brugelette each year to observe the 5,000 semi-loose animals that walk through the park. The authentic scenery, one-hundred-year-old trees and beautiful flower gardens spread across the estate’s 65 hectares are alone worth the visit! Here, side by side are a Cistercian abbey ruin and several coexisting worlds that invite you to a change of scenery. China, Indonesia, Australia, Africa and North America are all continents to be crossed in one day!

Eight worlds to explore

The lagoon is a blue oasis that floods the heart of the garden inhabited by wallabies, gibbon monkeys and even squirrel monkeys. Guarded by raptors, the spring valley houses Cambron brewery, resurrected from its ashes. The tower of the ancient abbey of Cambron still stands at the heavenly gate, a world almost entirely dedicated to birds. The land of origins is the land of the “big five”, where you can observe the five most emblematic animals of Africa: the lion, the elephant, the Cape buffalo, the rhinoceros and the leopard.

The gate of the depths takes you into the mysterious world of the seabed... The kingdom of Ganesha transports you to Southeast Asia, into the Indonesian archipelago where elephants reign supreme. The city of immortals reveals all the treasures of traditional China. Finally, the land of the cold is a panorama of the fauna, flora and architecture of the great plains of America, Siberia, Lapland, Canada and the Arctic Circle. Exoticism is everywhere!

Closer to animals

The shows and feeding sessions are always special moments for children to see their favourite animals more closely. Refer to the timetables so you don’t miss them! In particular, you can watch the elephants’ bath; they’ll thoroughly enjoy splashing you with water! Always on the lookout for something to nibble, lemurs and squirrel monkeys are ever ready to jump on your shoulders... As for the “free flight” raptors, they’ll save you a few jumps. Don’t miss the tête-à-tête with the giraffes who’ll come to eat from your hand or the hippo ballet behind the biggest bay window in Europe! And of course, don’t go without greeting the five great gorillas as well as the three giant pandas Haohao, Xinghui and their baby, Tian Bao, who are real mascots to the venue!

Relaxation at the playgrounds

An ideal family destination, sensational children’s playgrounds can naturally be found there! Sit quietly in the area around the games and take an ice cream or drink break while the children run around. Rope bridges, swings, toboggans, giant spider climbing web, net, tunnel, etc. Everything is set up for your child’s enjoyment. And for the tiniest of tots: go to the mini-farm.

Good to know...

  • If it rains: several covered spaces (oasis, aquarium, crypt, boat, etc.) welcome you without any restrictions.
  • If you get hungry: there’s no shortage of restaurants and breweries. There’s even a gourmet Chinese restaurant!
  • If you fall in love: you can opt for the subscription to access the park throughout the season – it’s cheaper than two entries.