Aventures-Jeux© in Tournai & Ellezelles

Go in family in search of the lost forest in Tournai or the protective dragon of Ellezelles...

Ready to play, jump, dream, run and climb? Well, go to Tournai and Ellezelles for some incredible family adventures. The five-steepled city and the witches' village make space for some games, immersing children and adults into an imaginary fantasy world.

Only available in French and Dutch.

Fantastic adventures with the family

The Aventures-Jeux© are game bags for families (with children aged 4 to 14) designed for a playful, quirky tourist experience to create memories and help sibling bonding. A game bag is like a treasure chest. It includes a map, scratch cards, character definitions, water bottles, a compass, a jar, a puzzle or other magic items allowing you to take part in a treasure hunt through the city’s heritage, lasting about 1 hour 30 minutes. At the moment, around twenty Aventures-Jeux© provide fun for children and adults in Europe (France, Romania, Belgium) and two are now available in Tournai and Ellezelles... Hurry up and try it!

Help Lakass and Brissak in Tournai

Did you know that somewhere in the Unesco city of Tournai hides a magical forest? Are you ready to help Lakass and Brissak, two brothers mad on magic and alchemy, to lift the curse prohibiting access to this forest? An adventure to be had with the family (children between 4 and 14 years) in the historical heart of Tournai. Tournai tourist office – €10 for the Aventure-Jeux© bag.

Find the dragon in Ellezelles

In Ellezelles, the trees are dying... To bring the village back to life, you’ll have to find the protective dragon and make the magic blue water flow so that the trees grow back... An adventure to be had with the family (children between 4 and 14 years) in the streets of Ellezelles. Rendez-vous at the Pays des Collines information centre – +/- €10 for the Aventure-Jeux© bag.