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Centre “Marcel Marlier, dessine-moi Martine”

Martine is a well-known character created in 1954 by Marcel Marlier, originating from Mouscron. It is therefore only natural that this museum, dedicated to the little girl and her creator, is situated in Mouscron, in the prestigious setting of the Château des Comtes to be precise. The centre is more than just a museum: it offers a fun, interactive and participatory experience and speaks to the senses more than to reason. The new technologies used will be very much appreciated by the children, who will rediscover Martine on paper or on video and will be invited to draw her by tracing her image on the light table.

The other work of Marcel Marlier is exhibited on the ground floor. This part of the museum is dedicated to the life of the artist, his youth, his studies and his less well-known creations such as "Jean-Lou et Sophie", his illustrations for school books, his catechism books, his drawings for the books of the Countess of Ségur or Alexandre Dumas... The mezzanine, which houses a large number of albums, is entirely dedicated to the character of Martine. Each room focuses on a specific theme: nature, courage... The opening of this new centre is planned for September 2015.

Individual timetables :

Monday : closed

Tuesday : 9:00-17:00

Wednesday : 9:00-17:30

Thursday : 9:00-17:00

Friday: 9:00-17:00

Saturday : 10:30-18:00

Sunday : 14:00-18:00

Price :

  • Adults : 5€
  • Children : 4€
  • Seniors : 4€
  • Groups : 3,5€

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