in Tournai

By bike, in the City of the Five Bell Towers

Tournai, the City of the Five Bell Towers, reveals its town centre, its quays running alongside the Scheldt River and the countryside surrounding the town. Take advantage of the bike ride to discover the town's Unesco heritage sites - the belfry and Notre Dame Cathedral - before taking the RAVeL (greenways) to the lime kilns in Chercq. The ride also takes you through the surrounding countryside, and also a wind farm which will give you vertigo! Take in the relaxing landscapes which drift by your eyes as you pedal along - the charming little church in Bruyelle, the "ballet" of barges on the Scheldt River, and so on.

Close to the itinerary, don't miss Pont des Trous, a vestige of medieval Belgian military architecture.

Cycle Nodes: START 36 - 47 - 46 - 52 - 75- 77 - 68 - 72 - 82 - 73 - 24 - 10 - 9 - 11 - 8 - 51 - 49 - 48 - 3 - 36 END

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