in Mont de l'Enclus

Kluiz Brewery

Set up in 2018 by three young friends, the Kluiz Brewery has just joined the many other breweries in Picardy Wallonia. The brewing takes place in an old farm in Anseroeul, in Mont-de-l'Enclus, using 100% Belgian ingredients: malt from Beloeil, hops from Poperinge and water from the Mont's springs. This produces a blonde, floral Liedericq, a stronger amber Triple, and a fruity Kluiz des Bois.

By the way, the brewery's name wasn't plucked out of thin air... In 620, Prince Salvaert of Dijon was passing through Sans-Merci Forest on his way to England with his pregnant wife, Ermengaert. He was ambushed by Lord Phinaert. The whole entourage was killed, apart from Ermengaert, who went into labour out of fear and gave birth to her son. The child was taken in by a local hermit, who gave him his own name, Liedericq (Lydéric). As an adult, after avenging his father's death, he founded the city of Lille and became the first Count of Flanders. Kluiz comes from the word Kluizenaar, which is Dutch for "hermit". The area is still called Mont de l'Enclus - Kluisbergen en Belgique.

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