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Brasserie et distillerie Caulier

The Caulier brewing story dates back to 1933, when Charles gave up his job as a miner to sell beer. For many years, the resale of light beers built up the brand's reputation. Two generations later, the Caulier family now makes its own beers, and they are something really special. The Caulier family has enjoyed great success, managing to transform a family business reselling drinks into a brewery producing some of our most interesting beers, including the most popular, the Vieille Bon-Secours. The beers produced by the Caulier family are both robust and delicate, strong and light. Pure water drawn from one of the springs in Péruwelz and a method honed over many years guarantee this result. The brewery's other flagship achievement is the tavern on rue Sondeville, a venue that is completely dedicated to fine food and drink: beer-based food and tasting opportunities for home-brewed treats in an idyllic setting. Plenty to dazzle the senses of the venue's many visitors...

Individual timetables :

Tour on demand all year. Shop open daily except Monday.

Timetables for groups :

Minimum 20 persons - Maximum 100 persons.Tour on demand all year.Shop open daily except Monday.

Sale :

Tour on demand all year.Shop open daily except Monday.

Price :

  • Adults : 5€

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