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Brasserie de Cazeau

The company may have only celebrated its first brew as recently as 1 May 2004, but there is a long history behind it. Cousins Quentin Mariage and Laurent Agache revived the brewery where Jean, the latter's father, delivered the last batch of the last surviving beer from Tournai in 1969. Phew! History was still thirsty! Cazeau, a stunning square building brimming with history brought back to life by two cousins proud of both their trade and their family. The Agache forefathers brewed here from 1753 until 1969, the birth year of Laurent, who would see the company diminish until it was just one drinks shop. Today, the two partners produce the Tournay, the only beer produced in the City of the Five Bell Towers, under the "Cazeau" label, a 7.2% golden pale ale. A pure malt beer, with no spices, but surprisingly rounded and light for a high fermentation beer. Nothing but sugar is added to the malt, water, hops and yeast for refermentation in the bottle. New vats have replaced the old ones, and alchemy has brought the golden liquid back to life. A piece of magic that visitors can soak up at public brewing sessions.

Timetables for groups :

Minimum 15 persons - Maximum 40 persons.

Price :

  • Adults : 9€


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