5 Gallo-Roman experiences to enjoy


The archeological sites of Picardy Wallonia invite you to put yourself in the shoes of a Gallo-Roman at seasonal and one-off events, which are a huge success every year. Discover below the six experiences not to be missed by any self-respecting Gallo-Roman ... or aspiring archaeologist!


Craft demonstrations at the Archéosite® and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil

Every Sunday afternoon in season, craftspeople come and breathe life into the largest archaeological reconstruction site in Belgium! The programme includes bone cutting, weaving, pottery, forging and bronze work.  But in addition, children can enjoy barge rides on the water during festive weekends.

From mid-April to mid-October

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Ancient Rome style wedding

The Archaeosite® and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil and the BagacoNervio historical reconstruction group invite you to come together or confirm your vows in ancient Roman fashion. You’ll put on ceremonial outfits in the Roman tradition. The marriage will be celebrated by a Roman priest and the act of marriage will be sealed before the gods.

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Family afternoon at the Gallo-Roman Ath space

Discover the Gallo-Roman period with the family thanks to workshops where all the family can get their hands dirty! Discover the profession of archaeologist and envision the excavations of a villa and a Gallo-Roman farm. With your family, imagine the different excavation techniques used on construction sites. Together you can also set off and explore the perfumes and baths of the Gallo-Roman era, or issue a coin. Each family afternoon offers a different theme.

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Weekend of experimental archaeology

Every year at the end of August, the Archéosite® and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil offers a weekend of experimental archaeology with various shows, entertainment and demonstrations of historical events organised by troops. The programme includes Gallic entertainment, gladiator fights, Roman military manoeuvres, and more.

Roman meal at Taverne Saint-Géry

It’s in the unique setting of a 300-year-old farm in Aubechies, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, that the chef of Saint-Géry tavern prepares local cuisine based on local products and an ancient Roman meal inspired by the recipes of Apicius! Between special beers and low-key local dining, an original and historical setting will allow you a brief change of scene, but still in Gallo-Roman fashion...

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Archéosite® and Museum of Aubechies-Beloeil

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Gallo-Roman Museum

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Provincial Archeological Museum of Velzeke

Roman Forum of Bavay