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Archaeological museum

This museum exhibits the most beautiful relics of the primitive, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian eras. The absolute masterpiece of the museum is the lead sarcophagus dating from the 4th century, discovered in 1989 during excavation works in Tournai. Also on display are the objects from the cemetery where the tomb of Childeric, father of Clovis who was born in Tournai, was discovered.

The museum is housed in the former Mont-de-Piété (mount of piety) and is subdivided into three sections. The first section (the Quaternary) retraces the evolution of mankind through showcases and scale models. This section ends with a unique collection of Celtic gold and silver artefacts. The second section, dedicated to the Gallo-Roman era, exhibits stoneware, glassware, jewellery and other objects discovered during the excavations at the necropolis site, which extended from the Grand-Place square to rue Perdue. The lead sarcophagus dating from the 4th century and a well made from a tree trunk are two unique items. In the third section, which focuses on the Merovingian era, the finds from the cemeteries of the Town Hall Park and the Saint-Brice district, where the tomb of Childeric was found, are on display.

Individual timetables :

From 1/11 to 31/03: open from 9.30 to 12 and from 2 to 5 pm. Closed on Sunday morning and Tuesday. From 1/04 to 31/10: open from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 5 pm. Closed on Tuesday. Closed on 1/01, 2/01, During the carnival of Tournai,1/05, during de bradery, 1/11, 2/11, 25/12 and 26/12. Free every first Sunday of the month.

Timetables for groups :

Minimum 15 persons - Maximum 25 persons

Price :

  • Adults : 2,1€
  • Children : 1,6€
  • Seniors : 1,6€
  • Groups : 1,6€
  • Article 27 : 1,25€


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