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Antoing Castle

This is the private residence of the Princes of Ligne, that housed Philip the Good and Charles the Bold, Dukes of Burgundy, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I and many others. Watch closely: if the flag is flying, then the master of the house is at home.

This feudal castle dominates the entire Scheldt valley. It is surrounded by fortified walls from the 12th century and the entrance is protected by a barbican (an impressive fortified gateway). In the 19th century the castle was completely rebuilt in neo-Gothic style. Its keep gives it the appearance of a fairy-tale castle. The estate covers 72 ha.

Only guided visits are possible. Access to the barbican, the lapidary museum, the dungeons, the great hall, the bedchamber and the top of the tower. The manor is private and therefore not accessible.

ACTIVITIES: Springtime at the Castle (May). Mediaeval fair at the Castle (June).

Individual timetables :

Open from half May to end September on Sunday and bank holidays for guided tours in French only (3 pm and 4 pm).

Timetables for groups :

Guided tours from half May to half September, on Tuesday afternoon.

Price :

  • Adults : 3€
  • Children : 2,5€


  • Parking

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