Amazing Wapi

In 2018, experience unusual experiences in Wapi ...


This year, Wallonia is getting weird! This is the theme of the 2018 tourist year for the south of Belgium. A great opportunity to showcase out of the ordinary events and offers. Between the lively strolls on the artistic and interpretive tours, the wacky cycling rallies and the art galleries being set up, Wapi has its fair share of activities this year. Brief overview...


Unusual museums in Wapi - From 1 April to 31 December 2018

27 museums - 27 finds - 1 unusual itinerary!

The itinerary is like a score: the unusual comes in light notes, the rhythm in the leaps of a small, lively and curious character.

Your leprechaun, Solite, is the surveyor of a region that still hides a few mysteries. Moving between various sites, he invites you to a route marked by surprises from 1 April this year.

Each of the twenty-seven museums houses an object, a work of art or an oddity you’re not expecting. Ready to go on an adventure?

Explore participating museums

Unusual festival in Picardy Wallonia

May promises a range of offbeat festivities among the unusual highlights planned for the beginning of spring onwards. Every weekend enjoy wacky entertainment, retro, fun or completely silly bike rides, or original walking tours for groups or individuals.

And now that May is over, the fun continues. Keep checking the calendar to make sure you don’t miss any of the amazing events taking place throughout the year...

Find out about the amazing events going on in Wapi

A territorial animation

Unusual Museums is an initiative and a territorial animation of : Culture.Wapi, Picardy Wallonia tourist office, Notélé and the 27 participating museums. invite you to a series of amazing discoveries which will truly astonish you. Illustrations: (c) Fred Dedeycker - Texts: (c) Françoise Lison-Leroy.

Unusual photography competition - #ilovewapi #photosinsoliteswapi

Lots of you took part in the amazing photo competition on Instagram between 1 April and 31 May. Thank you! The winners picked up 6 x 1-day tickets for the LaSemo Festival, including entry to the Spa.


See the competition winners

Also in Wallonia...

In Wallonia, there is no shortage of unusual places.

Did you know that in Wallonia you can:

- Take a boat lift and organise a barbecue in the middle of a lake
- Do cross-country skiing pulled by a workhorse
- Walk barefoot in the forest or hand in hand on the path of love trail
- Visit a museum dedicated to laundry and daydream amid hundreds of butterflies
- Put on an astronaut’s suit and set off to explore the stars
- Cheer on exalted sailors on floating bathtubs
- Spend an enchanting night in extraordinary accommodation

So get ready to be surprised!